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Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS   [Download PDF version]

The Hirer entering into the contract will be referred to as the “hirer” from hereonin.

The Hirer agrees and accepts the terms and conditions of Little Luxe Events (the hiree) from the date of booking with Little Luxe Events.

    (a) The Hirer is required to pay 50% of the total value of the booking by credit card* or direct deposit to secure the hire. The Hirer is required to pay any remaining balance in full 5 days prior to delivery of the hired items.
    The hire will not be secure until the 50% payment has been received. The 50% deposit is non-refundable.
    (b) If the remaining invoice balance is not received in full 5 days prior to delivery, Little Luxe Events are not obliged to deliver any goods.
    (a) A pre-arranged date and time will be agreed between the Hirer and Little Luxe Events for the delivery and pick-up, or the collection and drop-off, of the hired goods.
    (b) The Hirer grants Little Luxe Events the right to enter the property at the address specified by the Hirer for the delivery and subsequent collection of the hired goods at the pre-arranged time.
    (c) It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer’s to ensure that the delivery address provided is correct.  Little Luxe Events will not be held liable for late or non-delivery due to incorrect address information provided.
    (d) Little Luxe Events reserves the right to charge a Late Fee if the Hirer fails to have the goods available for pick-up at the pre-arranged date and time. The Late Fee shall be equivalent to one (1) day’s hire of the respective goods and will be charged daily until all goods are returned or available for pick-up.
    (e) The Hirer must ensure that suitable access to and from the site advised is adequate to suit the mode of delivery and collection.
    (f) Little Luxe Events shall not be liable for any loss or damages should Little Luxe Events be unable to deliver hired goods due to accident or misfortune.  In this event, the Hirer will be issued a full refund.
    (a) All goods supplied on hire remain the property of Little Luxe Events and the Hirer has no legal or equitable interest in the goods or any part thereof.
    (b) It is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the goods hired are suitable for the age and skills of the children who will use it.
    (c) The use of all Children’s Tiffany or Chiavari Chair and Tables must be supervised by a competent person at all times.  No food colouring is to become in contact with Chiavari Chairs.
    (d) The Hirer must ensure that any or all children using any goods supplied by Little Luxe Events are supervised by a competent person at all times.
    (e) All freestanding life-size cut-outs are to be supervised by a competent person.  Little Luxe Events accepts no responsibility if the cut-outs become unbalanced due to weather conditions or unsafe use.
    (f) The Hirer will be responsible for all goods until they are collected or returned to Little Luxe Events and shall maintain the goods in good condition, with reasonable wear and tear excepted.
    (a) Should any item/s become lost, stolen or damaged when in possession of the Hirer, the Hirer will be required to immediately notify Little Luxe Events.
    (b) Cake and dessert stands are NOT to be submerged in water.  They need to be wiped down with a wet clean cloth and no chemicals are to be used on them.
    (c) In the event of theft of the goods supplied, the Hirer must immediately notify Little Luxe Events and the Hirer will be responsible for all costs associated with the replacement of the goods.
    (d) A Cleaning Fee of $50 per hour will apply when the goods are returned in an unacceptable condition and require extra cleaning.  Little Luxe Events reserves the right to retain a portion or all of the Bond amount to cover any additional Cleaning Fees.
    (e) Backdrops & Plinths – All Decals, Stickers, Balloons, Flowers or any form of embellishment that was not supplied with the Backdrop must be removed prior to pick-up by the Hire or return thereof.
    (f) All backdrops & cut outs hired from Little Luxe Events must be handled with gloves.
    (a) Cancellation terms apply once a booking has been accepted.
    (b) Cancellations must be made in writing, via email, to info@littleluxeevents.com.au
    (c) For cancellation of goods hire, all deposits are non-refundable.
    (d) During periods of severe weather conditions (electrical storms, high winds, flooding etc), Little Luxe Events reserve the right to cancel a booking. All monies will be refunded in the event of this occurring.
    (e) If the Hirer cancels due to undesirable weather, this will be handled as per clause 5(c).  If, however, the weather is considered unsafe, no fees will be due.
    (a) Little Luxe Events are only liable to the Hirer to the extent permitted by law.
    (b) Little Luxe Events are not liable to the Hirer or anyone else for any expenditure, injury, loss or damage:
    – arising out of the hire and use of the goods,
    – arising from late delivery of the goods,
    – arising from an inadequate amount of space for the goods to be used safely,
    (c) The Hirer indemnifies Little Luxe Events against any liability to any third party who suffers injury, loss or damage where such injury, loss or damage is caused wholly or partly as a consequence of any negligent act other failure on the Hirer’s part to ensure the goods are used, stored, erected or transported safely.